Transformers -- one race of sentient mechanoids, ever divided into warring factions. Able to transform their bodies into the likenesses of vehicles, machinery, and animals, these proud warriors have fulfilled their destiny, battling and defeating a malignant force from beyond time! But their victory is not without cost, and the aftershocks continue to ripple....

. . . Transfandom is forever changed . . .
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Monday, July 9, 2001
TRANSFANDOM.COM is now open for business.
Fans of this site have noticed the slowness of updating lately, as well as the mysterious trailer and cryptic clues I've been handing out on message boards. And now you shall know the reason why:
Transformers News is proud to announce a partnership with TFW2005 and The Matrix to become one of the largest fan sites on the net.
Don't worry, I'll still be delivering the news on the main page for all to enjoy, but now you'll have access to an extensive archive of media and feature articles, as well as new material being added all the time
I'd go on further and thank all that made this possible, but it would probably be better if you went to the site now since we worked so hard. See you there!

PS--Look for more surprises and fun at Botcon this weekend!

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